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Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Contoh Preface Background Proposal


English as second language has important roles not only for students but also for employers. In this case, there are many people must master more than one language such as English. English is the language that mostly used by people in their job activities especially for tour guide. They use English to communicate with the people in their business.  
            A tour guide is someone who is engaged in arranging, scheduling, coordinating, and following up on various vacation and other travel accommodations and services for travelling clients and customers. Since the growth of tourists came to visit Indonesia, absolutely we have to make them feel this country as their home by creating a communication with them. Moreover, we also need people who can guide them to visit the places in Indonesia, but we are lack of tour guides in this country. It can be solved by making an English course for tour guide for students who are graduated from SMKN to increase number of tourists to come. This course is necessary important to help the students to acquire the language especially for English.
            After the students took this course the students are able to communicate with the tourists, selling holiday packages, advising tourists in a person, finding out what type of holiday the tourists wants, showing them brochures, answering any questions and maybe suggesting particular resorts or hotels etc. All of those parts the students will learn in 14 meetings. The course design for the teaching of communication skills to SMKN students and the syllabus of the course is grammatical and functional syllabus.

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